Awesome Konstruktor customization from LomoAmigos Ninjaz DCK and KRIZO


Close to the From Paris creative collective, Ninjaz graces us with a unique customization of the Konstruktor camera. See their unmistakable flair for design on this Lomography camera they decorated with typographic designs. Read on to learn what inspires them and watch the -in-the-making video of their customization of the Lomography Konstruktor!

Photo by ninjaz

Didier Chan-kin (DCK) / Christophe Pilate (KRIZO)



Video by ninjaz

Please introduce yourselves

We are Ninjaz, a brand new “swift, sharp and effective” creative collective. Both of us have been creative directors for about 10 years and met a few years ago when we worked for the Piment DDB agency, turned Score DBB now. A few months ago, we worked together on creating a shop in Paris: the Paris Liquor Store. We both designed the graphic identity, interior (with cray typographic writing on the black shop walls), shot the photos, directed the making-of video and looked after PR for that shop. It was our first real artistic collab during which we could actually work together. That’s how Ninjaz was born.

Photos by ninjaz

How did you discover the Konstruktor?

Thanks to our friends at From Paris, whom we’re really close to. They had set up a competition on their website to win a Konstruktor camera. We were excited by this new model that you had to build yourself, the kind of object that fits the zeitgeist. It’s fun, it reminds us of Kinder Surprise, with the parts you have to assemble lol. You can customize it and make it really your own and be creative. A nice object!

Photo by ninjaz

What was the theme of your customization and the concept behind it?

We wanted to do something that stays within the style of what we did for the Paris Liquor Store, namely a typographic creation. The question was – what to write? We thought about it and quickly decided to use those phrases you use when you take a photo. We thought immediately of the song “Smile” by the French hip-hop band Hocus Pocus. That sonf is cool. We borrowed a few lyrics from them and the good spirits that come with it and started our customization.

Where do you find inspiration?

We’re surrounded by other creative people in agencies, people like us. Our inspiration can come from them, from what they do every day. It can come from a song, a book, a film. Of course we also browse blogs and websites about design, illustration… We are constantly amazed by the creativity people can show. To see that creativity everywhere, from one side of the world to the other, is a breath of fresh air. It drives us and motivates us to do beautiful things.

Should you name one favourite artist, who would it be?

Christophe: Basquiat (the painter) and J Dilla (hip-hop artist from Detroit). One for the visual aspect, the other for the music. Of course there are other artists but the list is long.

Didier: Cartier Bresson as far as photography is concerned. In terms of composition, spontaneity, point-of-vie, each shot is fantastic. That man saw the world with an eye of his own. As far as music is concerned, and to name a French guy, I would say 20Syl (C2C/Hocus Pocus). That guy is just a beast but he doesn’t look like it. 4-time workd champion of team DJ-ing, composer, producer, rapper, drummer, he is also graphic designer, he co-directed the video FUYA which was awarded with a Victoire de la Musique (French Music Award)… Anyways, that guy is the definition of the word artist.

Could you share some tips or advice for customizing the Konstruktor for all of those who haven’t dared customize theirs, yet?

Our best advice is to watch the video we made. It shows very briefly, step by step, how we proceeded. Other than that, you need to be daring, that’s all. That camera is yours, so make it!

Who or what would you like to shoot with your Konstruktor?

Randomly… Obama, Michael Jordan, Basquiat, Sangoku, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and maybe our relatives if there is some film left.

What are your plans at the moment?

We are working on a beautiful project for a large company. Unfortunately, we can’t say more. It’ll be ready soon and it will be large format illustration. We also have a collab with a liquor brand in the pipes, another one with a shoe brand… And of course, we’re still working with the Paris Liquor Store. Maybe we’ll meet Lomography as a guest there, by the way. Interested?

Thank you Ninjaz for customizing the Konstruktor and answering our questions. If you would like to know more on the creative crew, visit their official website : You want to customize your own Konstruktor? Read this tipster in the magazine.

See you soon for other LomoAmigo collabs!

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