Gallery: We Continue with a Second Course of 120!


If we began the feast of formats with a tasty gallery of photos shot on 35mm, today we continue with a delicious selection of images taken on 120. Ready? Enjoy your meal!

Mmm! How delicious were those 35mm photos we tasted a while ago, right, fellows? Well, the feast continues with this second course of photos shot with 120 films, ¡enjoy it!

Credits: warning, bccbarbosa, triky76, susielomovitz, atria007, marta1901, blasson, horaciorv, carmengraphy, makny, minilidia, vgzalez, juansupergen, jandra, daitita, isabel_mebarak, ester_s_ch, fruchtzwerg_hh, disdis, linuxbcn, xabimetal_13, area51delcorazon, cohetesnaranjas, guanatos, criadehumano, zixolalu, gerda, littlekoala & biscotita

120 film is your ticket to the wonderful world of medium format. Try with the color negative, slides, redscale, black and white… we guarantee you amazing shots!

Missed the first course? Have a look at this 35mm gallery!

written by lomographyembassyspain on 2013-12-05 #news #gallery #photos #format #120mm
translated by liquorice

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