New Photos of JFK's Final Moments Surface After 50 Years


There are times when a photographer takes a moment to contemplate whether or not to publish his work. For photographer H. Warner King, it was a choice he didn’t want to make after photographing one of the world’s most shocking events.

Like any other family living in the United States at the time, the Kings had a certain adoration for the Kennedys in the 1960s. The first family was a model family in the eyes of many and for photographer H. Warner King, it was a grand opportunity to photograph the presidential couple.

via Time

In an article on Time Magazine, H. Warner King’s daughter Sonia speaks about that specific moment, which according to her, her father had all planned out. Her father knew the place really well and had chosen specific spots where he knew he could take good pictures of the president and the first lady. In mere moments after King snapped photographs of the motorcade, the president was dead and a whole nation was rendered speechless.

via Time

These never-before-seen photographs of the fateful incident have just been released after 50 years in storage. President JFK’s assassination is nearing its 50th anniversary and the world still recalls how that sun-drenched day proved to be worthy of a spot in history books. These photos add a new perspective and give a peek into an event that shocked millions.

You can read the full article on Time, along with the full set of photographs.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Time

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