We Are Tiger Dragon People: A Cultural Journey Through Pop-ups by Colette Fu


We continue to find intriguing works of art that appeal to us and sometimes challenge the way we look at things. Our understanding of the ordinary continuously shifts as we are exposed to many influences. Artist and photographer Colette Fu brings her travels, understanding and appreciation of culture into her art with pop-up books.

Pop-ups may easily be regarded as those cute little books we grew fond of during our childhood. They are those nifty illustrated books that seem to come to life once they’re opened. The characters jump out of the boring 2d print and bounce into action as the storytelling goes on. Colette Fu brings her self-taught experience in making pop-up books to her series of work.

by Colette Fu

Fu used her memories of her mother’s native Yunnan province in China to create dynamic pop-ups that illustrate the intertwining culture and human activity. Her animated work in “We Are Tiger Dragon People” depicts the life and times in that part of the province. Fu combined the visual elements of photography, the tactile appeal of sculptures and the detailed process of crafting in the making of her pop-up series. The pop-ups seemingly bring you to the places as you see the people leap out from the pages, the food and other delicacies are zoomed in and the feel of the culture sets in.

We Are Tiger Dragon People by Colette Fu

You can see more of her works here and find out more about her series here.

All information used in this article were sourced from Colette Fu’s website and Phaidon.

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