The Simple Binding Notebook Variation Ideas – The DIY Journal for your Analogue Lifestyle (Part 2)


Raise your hand if you love the simple binding notebook and gave it a shot! On this second part of the DIY Journal for your Analogue Lifestyle Series, I’ll show you some ideas how to make your simple notebook look fancy without omitting the main keyword here: simple.

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If you have no idea what simple binding notebook is, don’t hesitate to check my previous post. And for anyone who already knows about it or has even made one, here are some simple binding notebook inspirations brought to us by my book binding teacher Vitarlenology.

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1. Photographs for your Journal
How many of you have a bunch of pictures taken and are just keeping it safe inside your computer? Why don’t you take a risk, print it, and make it as you journal cover?

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2. Fabric for your Journal
Ever wondered why most DIY lovers love fabric? The answer is so simple! Fabrics are really flexible, you can use it for countless DIY project including this uber cool fabric covered journal.

“Notebook with Leather” by Vitarlenology photograph by lmeilani

3. Leather for your Journal
Bring your journal to the leather-level! Get the exclusive and ‘expensive’ look by using some leather for your cover. Think it’s pricey to buy a sheet of leather? Why don’t you try used leather? You can use your unused leather jacket or anything that can fit your journal. Still thinking of something cheaper? Go try the imitation leather instead.

“Prototips Sketch Book” by Vitarlenology photograph by lmeilani

4. Duplex Cardboard for your Journal
Even though duplex cardboard is a pretty common material used for crafting, with extra creative effort you can create a nice-looking journal!

“Magic Quote Notebook” by Vitarlenology photograph by lmeilani

5. Personalization for your Journal
In my opinion, one thing that makes your journal a unique creation is the personalization. You can put your name, signature, initials or anything you think is the best way that describes you. There are plenty ways to personalize your notebook. Try using the embroidery, stamp, sticker, or perhaps something fancier like the lasercut or letterpress machine.

So, those are few ideas that might inspire you to start right away. Any inquiries? Just leave a comment and I will try my best to help you. See you on part 3!

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