Hong Kong Artist 'Sellwords' La Sardina DIY Black Camera


When Sellwords started, it arose from a romantic sentiment. On the 1st of January 2013, Sellwords started to regularly upload their words to social networks and to send to readers. They would run down the street, chasing people to present them with their words as a gift, only explaining briefly, so as to allow the individual to discover the meaning for themselves. It is hoped that this rather frank and random behaviour will catalyze peoples romantic spirits to come out and play! Lomography couldn’t resist a collaboration with Sellwords to see how they would integrate their romantic words onto one of our La Sardina DIY Black cameras!

Image Source: 賣字|Facebook

1.) Hi! Please introduce yourself a little!
We’re a group of people who started a romantic party, where we write almost anything. We believe in the importance of picking up a pen and writing words, sending a letter, with emphasis on the overall meaning. We think anything is worth writing, whether it’s delicate words, poetry, words recorded by a voice, just write out your romantic thoughts, but also send to someone and share these romantic words. With these words you can share your happiness with others.

2.) When you first set eyes on the La Sardina DIY what was your impression?
It seemed to be like a girl. From the black bag filled with small black objects, we kept fishing out more small black gadgets, it seemed never-ending. A bit like ‘Mary Poppins’ and her bag of endless objects.

賣字La Sardina DIY camera

3.) When customizing your"La Sardina DIY":http://shop.lomography.com/hk/cameras/la-sardina-family/la-sardina-and-flash-diy-edition-black where did you seek your inspiration from? Is there any kind of special message you wanted to create with your design?
Well, from sardines. We wanted to take all the La Sardina DIY camera and turn them into one big can of sardines.

4.) If you could give your customized camera to any artist or designer (living or dead), who would you choose and why?
Oh, easy, Andy Warhol. Warhol said that everyday he had to drink a tin of canned soup, so he also ought to love to eat tinned sardines in tomato sauce. Beside who else loves Found Art more than him? (This is an artist who would create work with the most common materials and then leave it up to the public to explore the ideas behind it.)

5.) Who do you wish could use your La Sardina DIY and what kind of photos would you like them to take (they can be real or fictional)?
Some food, some drinks. Normal kinds of photos, in local places, with an ‘old’ photo kind of quality. Perhaps some work like Ralph Goings, the American Photorealist Painter creates.

Image Source:賣字|Facebook

6.) Do you have any up-and-coming projects on the horizon?
Just to write a few sweet words everyday, ensure that we write everyday and fill six hundred letters with ‘I love you’.

7.) Can you share any tips or words of wisdom for all our DIY creatives out there?
With regards to creating, it doesn’t matter how it looks, as long as it’s done sincerely, it’ll still be good. Romance doesn’t depend on whether it does or doesn’t look nice, it all comes down to whether you put your whole heart into it. Oh, and finally, don’t forget to practice – practice makes perfect.

Are you looking for a new analogue camera?Perhaps it’s the La Sardina DIY that best fits the bill?! Graffiti it, dress it up, stick sparkles on- with the La Sardina DIY you can be as creative as your heart desires; it’s your very own unique camera and all designs are welcome!

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translated by pippilongstockings

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