Landscape Film Photography by Tom Hanks

Have a look at these lovely photographs shot by the talented Thomas “Tom” Hanks – no, not the award-winning Hollywood actor, but the 17-year old photographer from Winchester, UK!

Photo by Tom Hanks

*Hanks* is a self-taught photographer whose first film camera was owned by his mother, which he still uses today. He has only been shooting for about a year now yet this fact is easily overlooked when one looks at his work. Armed with cameras like the Pentax P30 and rolls of Fujicolor C200, the young photographer shoots sweeping, scenic views of nature from around the UK and abroad.

Photos by Tom Hanks

Although his photographs are almost as good as those by more seasoned photographers, Hanks made it clear, “I don’t take them professionally, but for fun!” And even if he’s also dabbling in digital photography, he gave various reasons on why he chooses to still shoot in analogue in a feature on _I Still Shoot Film_, some of them being its simplicity, unpredictability, and pureness.

All information in this article were sourced from Thomas Hanks Photography on Flickr, his official website, and I Still Shoot Film. You may also view the artist’s portfolio on Tumblr and buy prints here.

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