The four hour bus ride from Bangkok transports you into a different world of peace & tranquility: Kanchanaburi. Situated along the River Kwai, it has a tragic history as well as beautiful natural mysteries.

We limited our lie-in to 11.30am, had a few cups of coffee for courage and managed to pull ourselves away from the grips of Bangkok!! Our destination: Kanchanaburi – home to the infamous River Kwai. We bought our bus tickets for 86 baht (just over £1) with 10 mins to spare before departure and were told to go to the other side of the bus station to catch our bus. We asked someone else, who pointed us another direction, and some else…every person’s reaction became increasingly panicked. We finally got to the place of departure and saw our bus reversing out, ready to leave without us!! my brother ran up and luckily the driver allowed us to board as he was driving out of the bus station!! A pretty close call! We arrived just before sunset, set up camp at the infamous ‘Jolly Frog GH’ and ordered a Thai green curry for dinner.

The mistake was ours, we only read the menu warning after we had suffered the HOTTEST Thai curry in existence!!!! Tears streamed down my face and it didn’t take long before i felt the giggling effects of a chili high. Down the road we stumbled upon a cosy hole in the wall bar (Buddaha Bar) with the most welcoming staff around…it didn’t take long until the bar tender was giving me free drinks and we were one of the family. It was only the following morning that we noticed the full extent of the breath-taking river and surrounding mountains.

A strange air hangs over Kanchanaburi…on one hand the memories of loss, suffering and torture linger but on the other a warm, welcoming, tranquility that seems to be genuine and lasting. A far cry from the madness of Bangkok and I’m glad we broke free!

written by globebug on 2010-03-03 #places #location #thailand #river-kwai #kanchanaburi #jolly-frog


  1. lomoteddy
    lomoteddy ·

    very cool, i always miss thailand, what a beautiful place, truely another world.

  2. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    lovely set of pics! thailand is beautiful.

  3. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    that was some adventure you had! cool story, and i loveeee the gallery! Anything Thai seems to be so beautiful =)

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Waow ! This gallery is perfect !

  5. globebug
    globebug ·

    Thanks guys!! I love Thailand too...:-)

  6. globebug
    globebug ·

    Thanks guys!! I love Thailand too...:-)

  7. arska
    arska ·


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