Asia in a Day with the Horizon Perfekt and Horizon Kompakt


Lomography’s 20th Anniversary Party is never-ending and we are just lapping up every sweet moment! Those of you who have dreamed of owning the premium panoramic classics – the Horizon Perfekt and the Horizon Kompakt – have the perfect opportunity now. At a phenomenal 30% off, how could you resist?! Join us after the jump to feast your eyes on a few fantastical panoramic beauties from around Asia!

Until the 24th of November we are giving you the chance to get an amazing 30% off our premium panoramic classics – the Horizon Perfekt and the Horizon Kompakt. Need persuading…? It’d be our pleasure!


Credits: warning & dakadev_pui

Hong Kong

Credits: ccwu, gocchin, devilfirzen & lightswarrior


Credits: hoseun, gocchin, ripsta & guitarleo


Credits: wapclub, lawypop & boredslacker


Credits: adi_totp & dreadlockboy


Credits: superkulisap, icuresick, walasiteodito & kimpy05


Credits: natalieerachel, ccwu & leftymia


Credits: unknownsoldier, hodachrome & porkchopsandy

Has the Horizon stolen your hearts? Let’s be honest, how could it not?! It truly is a dream of a camera. Dash over here to Buy the Horizon Kompakt Online or here to Buy the Horizon Perfekt Online or here to Find a Store.

The Horizon Kompakt makes it easy for everyone to shoot fantastic panoramic images. With fixed focus and aperture settings, all you have to do is point and shoot! Get your own Horizon Kompakt now!

The Horizon Perfekt shoots images the length of two standard frames. With full aperture and shutter settings, this premium panoramic camera gives you total control over your shots. Prepare to be blown away by the amazing Horizon Perfekt, available here.

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