Fafascinado’s Collages. Lomos are Just the Beginning

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In the Spanish Lomographic Community, there are loads of creative minds. Among them, fafascinado never stops amazing us. He’s a curious Lomographer who goes beyond limits, so his work goes beyond photography. Read on to find out what he does with it!

Credits: fafascinado

Hi Xavier! Tell us a little bit about yourself, a brief introduction!

I am not another Spaniard who moved to London. I came from Barcelona about two years ago and I work at a photography shop (very appropriate, isn’t it? ☺). In my free time, I love reading (I am now finishing the Harry Potter saga) and above all, walking around with one of my 10 cameras.

Credits: fafascinado

When and why did you start cutting your photos?

It all started after going to a photography exhibition about Geraldo de Barros at The Photographers Gallery (London). There I found something that really caught my eye: Gerald cut the photograms of his negatives, stuck them together and enlarged them in order to create new photos.

I loved the idea and decided to create something similar myself. The problem was that I did not want to ruin my negatives. This is how I started to cut my printed photos to create surreal collages.

When taking them were you already thinking about the collage or did you come up with the idea upon seeing them?

As I mentioned before, I came up with the idea of creating collages after going to the exhibition. My ‘creative process’, if you like, starts once all my favourite photos are printed and scattered on the floor. I then start looking at them trying to figure out which I could put together to create something totally different.

The best way to make creative collages like these is to choose two pics that show opposite ideas like a door to heaven, a boy flying in the stars or a duck swimming in the branches of a tree.

Credits: fafascinado

If you want to create similar collages you can follow my technique. Otherwise, you can think of what you want to do first and then take the pictures.

How do you mix the photos? Where do you find the elements your collages are made of?

I started by just putting photos together until I run out of ideas for the photos I already had. I then decided to stop by at the corner art shop (something I do more quite often) and to try new materials and textures. I bought colour papers, painted wooden sticks, plastic eyes, feathers…

My collages became even crazier and more interesting, since they were 3D.

Credits: fafascinado

If you do not have time to go shopping, you can always use something you have at home, such as pencils, post-it’s, magazine cuttings, bottle corks, cans…

Credits: fafascinado

Which is your favourite collage so far?

Credits: fafascinado

I made this one with a negative (the one that is always exposed when loading the film) and the photograph of a poster that says ‘Artists’.
There is a massive light line on this photo, from one side to the other, and I wanted to hide it. Then it hit me… and my idea worked! It was the perfect size for a negative.

This collage depicts what we all are in this Community. Artists of Negative.

What inspires fafascinado?

I do not have a particular source of inspiration. Even the tiniest thing can inspire you to create something new. I love simple but curious things. My partner always says that I am like a kid, because I love youth books and science fiction films.

You have to be curious and nosy (to a certain extent) and give free rein to that kid we all have inside. You can always walk around in the Lomographic Community. It undoubtedly is a good source of inspiration!

Credits: fafascinado

What artist’s photos would you like to cut to create something new?

Any artist, as long as his or her work is simple, sad and grey. It would be great to make it all colourful and crazy.

However, the next project I have in mind is to create collages using old Renaissance paintings and mixing them with current landscapes to create images like the Naked Maja in the park surrounded by people barbecuing, or Botticelli’s Venus as a go-go dancer.

Thanks for sharing your work with our Community and for letting us get to know you a bit better!

You now have to visit fafascinado’s fantastic lomohome.

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translated by bisilala


  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    I just love @fafascinado 's photos & collages! Big fan :).

  2. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·

    @susielomovitz thanks again!! :) and @bisilala thanks for translating the article!

  3. istionojr
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    very interesting project. :)

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