A ‘Blood’-Drenched Sissy Spacek Smiles Widely at the Camera Beside Film Director Brian de Palma Who's Decked in Red and Blue Attire


She’s probably smiling because the pig’s blood tasted so sweet!

Photo via Fuck Yeah Behind the Scenes on Tumblr

Okay, before you get all grossed out, you should know that the pig’s blood that was spilled over actress Sissy Spacek in the infamous prom scene from the1976 original “Carrie” was actually only made of corn syrup and food coloring. They wouldn’t drench the actress in pig’s blood, of course, but word has it that Spacek was perfectly okay with having the real stuff dumped on her!

All information in this article were sourced from Moviefone and Fuck Yeah Behind the Scenes on Tumblr.

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written by chooolss on 2013-11-19 #lifestyle #carrie #fake-blood #sissy-spacek #brian-de-palma

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