Winter Destinations: Skiing in Golte, Slovenia


The winter is coming and that only means one thing: skiing! We already have some snow in the upper regions of Slovenia and I think there are only a couple of days left until half of Slovenia goes skiing. Yes, we are a skiing nation.

Slovenia is a small country but we have both the sea and the mountains. When there is first glimpse of sunshine people rush to the seaside and when there is a glimpse of snow they rush to the mountains. We love our Alps and we’re extremely proud of our skiing heritage. Bojan Križaj and Tina Maze are practically our national heroes and in former Yugoslavia, Slovenians were called skiers. Parents tend to put their children to skies at a very early age and it is considered you’re not a true Slovenian if you don’t ski.

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This is the reason winter ski centers get quite crowded in wintertime. Well, and because of the fact those are not really big ski centers because Slovenia is a small country and we don’t have ski slopes as those in Salt Lake city or similar. But I think it’s like almost every village has its own ski slope — or it used to have. It’s so funny when you drive somewhere and your parents are like, ’’Ohh, look at this hill, we used to ski here."

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Ski center Golte is a medium ski center. Yes, we differentiate between small, medium and large ski centers, even though those which are large are not that big anyway. But Golte is a really nice family oriented ski center. It is located in the part of Slovenia where there are not a lot of bigger ski centers so it is quite popular around people here. And Croatians. I see a lot of Coratians there every season. I guess because it is so close to Croatia even though every place in SLovenia seems to be very close to Croatia. I think it is so popular because it is a perfect place to start skiing and for beginners. Yes, it has some tough slopes for skiers who ski very well but it has much more of those easier slopes. As I already said, it’s perfect for families.

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Golte ski center is a favourite among slovenian ski lovers. They were named the best medium ski center in Slovenia for the past three years. They are really working hard in attracting new skiers, they built a new hotel with wellness just below slopes a couple of years ago. You can literally just come out of your room directly to ski slopes. It’s just a couple of meters away. And beautiful, made mostly out of natural resources. The slopes are surrounded by woods and there are beutiful views at the top. Can’t wait to get up there again this winter!

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