An Instant Preview: Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ Photos from Lomography Hong Kong!


Take on a peek on Lomography Hong Kong’s first shots with the revolutionary Lomo LC-A Instant Back+, utilizing the power of the f/2.8 Minitar Lens of the LC-A giving those lovely vignetted, saturated photos in Instant Format!

I am sure you will be curious, what will it be like combining the Lomo LC-A+ and the Fuji instax film? Let’s take a look at the photos taken by the Lomography Hong Kong Staff, as well as their personal comments upon this revolutionary product!

“I love to make double exposure shots with the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+, now I don’t worry about over-exposure anymore.”

“this will be my best companion in parties! Auto-exposure + large aperture + instant film is really tempting”

“The iconic vignettes resulting from Lomo LC-A+ with the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ is just deadly desirable!”

Drop by and say hello to our Lomography Asia friends!

written by edwinchau on 2010-02-24 #news #gallery #hong-kong #lomo #instant-back #lca #lc-a
translated by kazarareta


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    oooooooo..... want it now!

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    Sweet galleries !

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    i need this!!!

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    grabe na kayo lsi...sobra na...sobra na toh!!!!

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    this will be my nex acquisition

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