Monday Moodboard: Long Live Film is More Than Just a Documentary


Indie Film Lab and Kodak have partnered to bring us the documentary Long Live Film to show people what makes shooting film stand out and why people still keep shooting with it. The full length documentary was just released and I was surprised to see more in it than what was advertised.

Hearing the title “Long Live Film” put different things in my head. There’s this preconceived idea that it’ll be just another documentary that tells people how good film is and features the people who still use it for their work. I’ve watched the documentary and I can say there’s more to it than just promoting film for other people to appreciate. It creates a feeling of belongingness for people who shoot film or just plain appreciate the medium.

Images by Nick Drolette, Josh Moates, Alan Evans and Luke Lindgren via Indie Film Lab blog

The documentary shows more to shooting with film than just the work on photo paper; it gives a human element to the discussion and is more than just informative. The short documentary is part inspiration, promotion and an in-depth look into the culture of film rolled into one. It’s something that every photographer or photography enthusiast should see, regardless of the shooting preference.

I personally think that it’s a great endeavor – all the traveling, correspondence with other photographers and the appreciation of this medium that we all love in the analogue community. It turned out to be more than what was intended. It kind of gives you a warm feeling in your gut, and it feels good.

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