Exploring Dreams and the Surreal: Fine Art Photography by Oleg Oprisco

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A photographer’s style can define or set apart one’s work from many others in the field. Ukraine-based fine art photographer Oleg Oprisco crosses many lines in his photographic body of work. Read on and see more of his works after the break.

First glances at Oleg Oprisco's work may quickly create images of spreads on fashion magazines and other hip and edgy subculture publication. Closer inspection of his works may inspire images of surrealist scenes from movies, dreams and literary works. Oprisco’s body of work crosses these lines of photography with vision and precise execution.

These dreamy photographs by Oprisco can also be compared to carefully composed paintings, only that they are on prints rather than on traditional canvas. There are different emotions linked to his photographs that just connect with audiences. This evocative style of photography is what sets Oprisco’s work apart from others. His keen eye for detail and imaginative take on composing his photographs add to the overall effect of his magnificent photographs.

Photographs by Oleg Oprisco

You can see more of his surreal and dream-like photographs on his website and Flickr photostream.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Oleg Oprisco's official website, Photography Life and This is Colossal.

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