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Whether it’s used as a teaching tool for the young-‘uns or just a weekend project for yourself, The Konstruktor’s educational and photographic possibilities are endless. Making your own SLR camera from scratch is as analogue as it can get! Read on for what the community has to say about the DIY darling in Reviews on Rewind!

Konstruktor: Love in Plastic Lens by patsnaps

The Konstruktor has got to be a part of every Lomographer’s dream. You can easily experiment with it. You can modify and customize it. It gives you beautifully grained and focused photos. It’s a rad looking SLR with a single-lens reflex view finder. And it comes with a lovely 50mm lens.

Credits: stratski

My First Steps in Konstruktor Territory by stratski

When you finally get your Konstruktor, you are first going to have to assemble the camera before you can start shooting. Luckily the assembly is so much fun to do. If you ever did one of those plastic model planes, you’re surely going to love this.

Some Assembly Required: Konstruktor by themindseye

While the construction of Konstruktor is very simple, its operation is both creative and professional. The camera’s normal waist-level vantage point enables a wealth of innovative photographic opportunities.

Konstruktor DIY Kit - If I Can Make it Anyone Can by aoifeodwyer

I am really impressed with this camera, it was simpler than I thought to assemble and was even enjoyable and relaxing to make. I found it educational and leaned about how the inside of a camera works. It is also very good value for money and a beautiful camera.

Konstruktor DIY Kit by neanderthalis

I then tested the camera on the shutter on normal and bulb modes. I was fascinated by the setting of the shutter movement. I had never seen the movement from a SLR so closely. I have two SLRs but I had not assembled them and their cocking mechanism is internal.

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