Taking Back Tipsters: The Konstruktor


There’s nothing as fulfilling as seeing something you made yourself come alive. Our resident mad scientists however, aren’t content on just stopping there as they have more tricks up their sleeves for the Konstruktor!

The Konstruktor gives one a great opportunity to learn just how a camera works.It isn’t everyday you’re given the chance to build an honest to goodness SLR camera from scratch! For this week’s Taking Back Tipsters, we focus on our DIY buddy and the different ways you can take advantage of its flexibility. Have a look!

Freelensing with the Konstruktor by lomographyberlin

Freenlensing is a nice technique to try and get tilt-shift effects on your photos. All you need is a detachable lens, something the Konstruktor glady offers!

Credits: themindseye

Blow It Up: Convert Your Konstruktor into an Enlarger by themindseye

Shooting with the Konstruktor AND using the same camera as a photographic enlarger? Is this even possible? Apparently it is!

Building Arkitekture with the Konstruktor by themindseye

Shooting architecture and interiors with a fixed focal length might seem hard but it’s deceptively simple!

Paint & Customize Your Konstruktor! by nigell

Personalizing the Konstruktor is part of the whole DIY experience. Here’s a tip on how to go about painting yours.

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