Gediminas Castle


Gediminas castle is one of the most iconic buildings representing Lithuania.

Although this castle is not very impressive in architectural point of view but it is the main building in Vilnius during all history of Lithuania. There is one legend about foundation of Vilnius. According to that legend, the castle on the Castle Hill was founded by Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas, who once had a vatic dream. In his dream he saw an iron wolf standing on the Castle Hill and howling like a hundred wolves. The pagan priest Lizdeika interpreted this dream as gods’ will. Gediminas should build a castle and a city that would soon become famous and would be unassailable for enemies. So the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas decided to do so. About 1230 the castle was built and soon the capital was moved from historical capital Trakai to the new town Vilnius named after the Vilnia River. The castle was damaged during all the wars in Lithuania and now it is renewed. Now the castle houses the museum of the history of Lithuania.

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    Very nice shots ! I love N°2 the most !

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