Baozi's 'Third Eye' La Sardina DIY Black Camera

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Baozi’s illustrations have captured the hearts of girls from all around the world, and now we’re enthralled too, not just with her work but with Baozi herself – she is the sweetest girl! We gave her a La Sardina DIY Black as we were all very curious to see how she would customize it. Instead of painting a design onto the actual camera, she chose to stick on a gigantic eye! Why? Join us after the jump where she will unveil this lovely mystery!

Name: (Baozi) 包大山
City: Taipei
Facebook Page: 包大山

Q1. Hello there! Please introduce yourself, we are more than eager to meet the girl behind this creative customization!

Hi, my name’s 包大山, I’m a girl and my starsign is virgo. I feel so lucky to be able to call myself an illustrator.

Q2. When you first set eyes on the La Sardina DIY Black, what was your impression? Did a design idea immediately spring to mind?

No, haha! When I first saw it, I just thought how beautiful it looks, and I really didn’t want to ruin its pretty blackness by drawing something on it! I actually waited a few days before I started working on it, and I kept thinking about dismantling it and then trying to put it back together again in a new way, but when it came down to it, I couldn’t resist drawing a little pattern on it!

Q3. Feel free to talk about the design of your La Sardina DIY Black and your ideas! Does the camera have a name? What materials did you use? And where did you seek your wonderful inspiration from? Is there a particular idea you were hoping to convey with this design?

It’s really quite a straightforward idea. I just wanted to highlight ‘My Eyes’. I think a camera is like a person’s ‘third eye’. We never really see the reality that’s right before our eyes, furthermore the camera lens acts as a sort of mechanism for translating the world in front of us. When we capture a scene with our ‘third eye’, it’s like we’re magnifying our own vision and this can bring a feeling of calm and reassurance to one’s self. To make the big eye, I used a type of wheat clay and for the back I just casually used lots of brush strokes to create a design. I guess that with this idea, the main thing is that you just enjoy the whole DIY process and have fun!

Q4. Are you satisfied with your design? If you could have another La Sardina DIY Black, how would you customize it?

To be honest, I think I’d make it a bit more detailed. This time I wanted to keep the body of the camera quite minimalist to maintain its personality, but if I had a chance to design another one, I’d use acrylic paint and cover it with colourful vines, and I’d make the theme of it ‘secrets.’

Q5. People might be reluctant to buy the La Sardina DIY Black because they believe they aren’t very good at designing. What advice would you give to them?

Even though my job is to illustrate, I too, hesitated for some time over how to customize it. Apart from painting it, there are so many ways in which you can make it into a unique camera. You could use wool and knit it a cover, or wrap it in paper bags, or you could even just write your name in huge letters across the body of the camera. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be cool! (Ah, suddenly I have so many ideas haha!)

Q6. Where do you usually get your inspiration from?

Comic books, movies, the internet, as well as inspiration from the people around me who have so many stories and emotions that I can use to create my work. I really like to observe peoples lives and attitudes, to decipher through my own eyes what’s happening out there in the world and to think deeply, to encourage myself to settle and relax; these are the outlets I get inspiration from.

Q7. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Care to share a few secret projects with us?

Haha, all of last year and this year were choc-a-bloc busy, so actually I’m planning on giving myself a little break, a vacation of sorts, so that I can recharge my creative batteries. Then, when I spring back into working again, hopefully I’ll be bursting full of energy and the ideas will come erupting out!

Do you want to see Baozi’s work? It’s on display at the Taichung Lomography Embassy Store and if you happen to be in the area, be sure to pop along and take a peek! If you’d like more information, head across to the Lomography Embassy Store Taichung Fan Page!

Are you looking for a new analogue camera?Perhaps it’s the La Sardina DIY that best fits the bill?! Graffiti it, dress it up, stick sparkles on- with the La Sardina DIY you can be as creative as your heart desires; it’s your very own unique camera and all designs are welcome!

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