Then and Now: Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Organic Portraits Recreated by Klaus Enrique


While doing some photography work, Klaus Enrique had the idea to make interesting portraits using plants and other organic objects. Upon discovering the centuries-old portrait paintings done by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Enrique was further inspired and decided to recreate the iconic paintings. How did he fare? Take a look at a side-by-side comparison after the jump!

According to Beautiful Decay, New York City artist Klaus Enrique was taking a picture of a human eye peeking out of leaves when he was struck by an idea make facial features or masks using leaves. He proceeded to do some research and stumbled upon the organic portrait paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Inspired by the Italian renaissance painter’s witty portraits, Enrique decided to make his own renditions of the awesome classics, the series aptly Arcimboldo :

Photos via Beautiful Decay

However, Enrique also says that there are people who do not recognize right away that his works — and maybe even Arcimboldo’s — are portraits. “At first they only see the individual parts of the image: the fruits, flowers, and vegetables. But after looking at it for a while, they realize that it’s a portrait of a person. To see that thought process being played out in real time is very satisfying to me because it mimics the thinking behind the art: that simple organic objects come together to create something more meaningful than the sum of its parts.”

So, how do you think Klaus Enrique fared with his versions of Arcimboldo’s works? Share your insights and leave a comment below!

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