Christmas Party in tropics

Cold and classical Christmas Party in the hot, hot tropical summer.

Cold and classical Christmas Party in the hot, hot tropical summer.
The tropical weather here in Brazil is hot, sweet and sunny all the time. Even in the winter. Because of the nature of our lovely planet and our solar system, when it is winter in Europe, here in Brazil is summer. For this reason we can’t have a traditional Christmas, with snow, warm clothes, fireplaces, and all that stuff we see in movies. Our Santa wears T-shirt and flip-flops while drinking juice and eating fresh pineapples on the beach! But there is a way to have a marvellous Christmas, with cold weather, cool and warm clothes, and happy Santa Claus inside that hot costume, with long hair and beard, heavy boots, whatever.
My tip is run to the mountains, directly to Campos do Jordão. A beautiful town with its European styled buildings, once known as “Brazilian Switzerland”. See the (fake) old rural buildings, the lights and the low temperature (4°C, it is cold for tropical places). As soon as you arrive, go directly to Capivari Square, the very core of this city. You are going to find classical musicians on the street playing X-mas and classical songs, beautiful people with winter clothes, lot of concerts on the Square stage, well, a perfect “not” silent night. Are you ready for party all night long? Don’t forget your coat and your lomographic arsenal to capture the unique atmosphere of this outdoor party.
WHERE: Capivari Square, Campos do Jordão, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
WHAT TO WEAR: winter clothes, lots of leather, it’s cold out there! (Or a Santa Claus costume :D)
HOW MUCH: nothing, it’s always a present from the City’s Mayor! Just follow Dutra highway from Sao Paulo to Vale do Paraiba. In Taubate get the road to Minas Gerais, it’s easy to get there, pass the exit to Santo Antônio do Pinhal e keep going, keep going… very easy to find.

written by dux_x on 2008-04-27 #places #location

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