Camera Tinkerer James Guerin and His Panoramic Pinhole Camera

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Pinhole cameras are in the basic sense, just a box with a pinhole in it and film paper to produce photographs. But photography enthusiast James Guerin shares his artisanal piece and the amazing panoramic results it produces.

James Guerin has been shooting pinhole photos since 2005 and was initially hooked by it. He was introduced to pinhole photography and he just got really into it. The first pinhole camera he used was made of balsa wood and he admitted that it wasn’t pretty but it does the job for him. But he had other plans for his pinhole camera.

Reality So Subtle 141 camera by James Guerin via Believe in Film

After wanting to improve his stark looking 6×17 camera, he explored the things that he really wanted to see on a pinhole camera. He was shooting panorama pictures then and wanted to improve on it so he designed a pinhole camera that would suit his needs. Alas, with creative solutions and additions to his original camera, his new pinhole camera was born.

James Guerin’s pinhole panoramas via Believe in Film

Boasting aesthetics and functionality to boot, his new camera is looking sleek as ever. Made from wood (walnut) and kept together with brass, stainless steel and aluminium, the look is more deceiving until you see the results. With a horizontal angle view of 141 degrees, Guerin’s camera captures super wide pinhole photographs that are clear enough that you may not even think it was shot using a pinhole camera.

See more of his ingenious take on pinhole photography and his camera’s amazing mechanics on his site. You can also follow his blog for his latest adventures with his pinhole cameras and see his other works.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Believe in Film and Au Premier Plan.

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