Sigga Heimis and GlassLab’s Large, Impressive Human Organs Made of Glass


Human organs are fragile, and what better way to translate this into art by fashioning them out of glass?

Photos via GlassLab

Currently on display at the Designgalleriet in Stockholm, Sweden until November 15 are these wonderful glass human hearts, lungs, and brain created as a joint project between Studio Sigga Heimis and GlassLab. This collaboration aims to raise awareness on organ donation.

Starting in 2007, Sigga Heimis and GlassLab have so far created glass kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestines, hearts, eyeballs, brains, and even blood cells, among many others.

Photos via GlassLab

Sigga Heimis believes that glass has “the qualities and characteristics… that so easily catches one’s eye [and] is the perfect material to use when someone’s attention is needed.”

Speaking about the project, the Swedish design studio continued, “We want people to notice an urgent social situation in our world when it comes to organ donation. There are simply too few individuals that donate their organs and the need is big. Can we use a fascinating material through channels of design to evoke attention to an urgent matter?”

All information in this article were sourced from DesignTAXI and The Corning Museum of Glass.

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