Fujicolor C200: The Film With Many Uses


The Fujicolor C200 film is an affordable film that also performs excellently. Read on to find out more about my shooting experience with this film.

The Fujicolor C200 is a color negative film with ISO 200. It’s a universal film designed especially for use outdoors with plenty of light. With its outstanding quality, it is the perfect companion for all of our shots thanks to its 200 ISO. Film grain is very low. Because of its low cost, it’s good for experiments or to be used every day in almost all photographic situations.

The first time I used this film was when I had a sudden urgency to shoot film on a holiday. Thanks to the low price, I could not help but take it for a photowalk. For my first try with this film, I tried it on the Spinner 360 and the results were pretty cool and interesting.

Credits: simonesavo

Since this is a very fast camera, the results are came out good and the colors are natural. The film was also well exposed.

Then is was time to try it with the LomoKino.

Credits: simonesavo

The LomoKino also shoots in a fast sequence and the photos did not let me down. Here you can see some of the videos I made ​​with this film.

CATS by simonesavo
Walk On The Lake by LomoKino by simonesavo
Any Day Every Day by simonesavo

While on the Pentax MX, it is possible to see the film’s potential and how much you can push the capabilities of the Fuji C200.

Credits: simonesavo

When it comes to texture, grain is almost non-existent and the colors come out naturally.

Credits: simonesavo

This film behaves quite well in long exposures.

As you can see, the Fuji C200 is an excellent film. It’s affordable price does not get in the way of the shooting quality. It’s a good film for the low price and can meet a wide range of photographic needs.

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