How Much Film Could You Shoot in Lieu of this Camera?


Ever wondered how many rolls of film you could buy for the price of one snazzy looking camera? Take a look at the amusing infographic after the jump to find out.

We have to hand it to the manufacturer. The Nikon DF is one good looking camera and one gorgeous chunk of retro cool. Its exterior is reminiscent of cameras from a much older generation, the Nikon FM2, but inside it’s a 16-megapixel digital monster.

The Nikon DF comes with a hefty price tag, and probably with good reason. But assuming you had the cash to buy one, would you spend all that money on a gorgeous vintage-looking piece of modern equipment, or go genuinely analogue with rolls and rolls of film? How many rolls, you ask? The picture below will tell you.

Photo via Imgur

Twenty thousand or so exposures and film to last until the next decade? That is a lot of film and a steady dose of analogue goodness.

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written by jillytanrad on 2013-11-13 #lifestyle #film #infographic #nikon-df

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