Animals From History: Adorable Pets Illustrated as Iconic Figures in History by Christina Hess


Getting rusty on your history? Let Christina Hess and her adorably illustrated Animals From History take you on a history backtrack with woofs and purrs. See more of her amazing work after the jump.

Who knew animals and great persons in history would have something in common? Illustrator and history storyteller Christina Hess brings us “Animals From History” as a means to reintroduce people to history with a creative twist.

Instead of featuring portraits of historical figures and personalities and their traditional text-heavy introductions, Hess used animals that are all too cute to pass up. Learn about the life of Napoleon Boneaparte and his amazing conquests in Europe as a smug and aloof squat dog. Or peek into the life of majesty and feminine power of Cleocatra as the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Hess illustrated these wonderful portraits of animals as historic personalities with such intricate detail that you’d probably think they were painted through traditional methods.

Animals From History by Christina Hess via Behance

All of Christina Hess’s characters breathe new life into the world of history with tweaked storytelling and illustrations that are both fun and imaginative. The artist lovingly depicts these personalities of great historical value to audiences without having to rely on history books that still need to be dusted off.

See more of Christina’s work on her website and find out more about these majestic icons of history in the fur.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Juxtapoz, Christina Hess's website and Animals From History.

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