Fuji C200: The Versatile Day Film

2013-11-18 1

This film was made for beach days and midday Lomo walks. If you like going out on sunny days, the Fujicolor C200 is the film for you!

The Fujicolor C200, without a doubt, is one of the easiest films to find! It’s rarely unavailable in film stores. It lets Lomographers and film photographers alike enjoy snapping away at a fair price. It is not only readily available but it is also the most affordable films out there.

You can snap the day away with minimal grain. Unlike films with faster speed, this one gives you clearer pictures at right shutter and aperture speeds!

The best combination with this film is the Lomo LC-A. Its almost like the LC-A was built for this film and slide films.

The C200 combines flexibility and availability. It’s even perfect for film experiments since you do not have to worry about cross processing and burning or washing a couple of bucks away.

I’ve even tried to cross process this with black and white developer and the photos were so sharp that I opted to use the C200 instead of more expensive black and white films.

Whether you’re starting out or staying in touch with the film life, the Fujicolor C200 is a must use for anyone.

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  1. iandevlinphoto
    iandevlinphoto ·

    Like you said this film is fantastic, but i dont use it enough as in scotland we do not get enough sunshine to justify taking out this film!

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