Plumes of Color: Feather Art by Chris Maynard

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Flight is something that humans have had the opportunity to explore with technological advancements. Artist Chris Maynard takes on the beautiful and functional tool of birds as inspiration for his shadowboxes. See more of his work after the cut.

It is indeed a perfect split between form and function. Feathers are all too synonymous to flight and the birds that use them for mating, camouflage and protection are things of wonder on their own. It is a proponent of freedom that is both poetic and dreamy. Chris Maynard beautifully expresses this idea in his cut feather pieces that form different images of birds and plumes.

Feather art by Chris Maynard via This Is Colossal

His feather cuttings are like an ode to our feathered friends and the idea of flight itself. Maynard’s technique uses discarded feathers from zoos and aviaries to build imagery using negative spaces and colorful brush strokes.

The shadowbox pieces come alive in the form of colored feathers and tiny images painted on them. Maynard says he is just fascinated with feathers and anyone looking at these wonderful pieces will be, too. Nature and human creativity intertwine with Maynard’s precision cutting and meticulous coloring.

The appreciation of these seemingly normal and shedding is quite evident in his works. Detail, recreation and transformation are equally represented in Maynard’s art. You can view more of his feather art on his site.

All information used in this article were sourced from This Is Colossal and Chris Maynard’s site.

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