The Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan Need Your Help


To say that the typhoon was devastating is an understatement, and to say that survivors have lost everything but their lives is sad truth.

Photo by Lea Ann Villareal Duhaylungsod, a Lomographer from the Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), to say the least, was devastating, and its aftermath continues to put a strain on the lives of many Filipinos. The category 5 tropical cyclone hit the city of Tacloban, Leyte in the Philippines hardest Friday last week and descended upon other surrounding provinces with a fury that was strong enough to catapult lives, crush livelihood, and turn the city into rubble.

Sources as big as CNN have reported Haiyan as the strongest typhoon to ever happen in modern recorded history. Three and a half times worse than Hurricane Katrina, it ravaged 36 provinces, leaving 340,000 people homeless and affecting 4.3 million Filipinos.

There is no electricity in the affected areas. Food, water, and medical supplies are scarce. More corpses have yet to be recovered from under the debris scattered on the streets. Evacuees do not even have to flee from their homes for their homes are gone.

I have experienced what typhoons in the Philippines are like, but none of my experiences even come close to half of what Haiyan’s victims have gone through. After the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that jolted Bohol and its neighboring islands only last month, a tragedy like Haiyan may already be too much for the country to manage on its own.

To say that lives were lost is an understatement, and to say that survivors have lost everything but their lives is truth. If you have not borne witness to the aftermath of the said calamity, you may want to spare a few minutes to look at the photos below.

Photos by Romeo Ranoco / Reuters; Bullit Marquez / AP; Erik De Castro / Reuters; Ted Allibe/AFP; Noel Celis/AP. Images via CNN, Buzz Feed, All Voices and The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Even if you’re on the other side of the world, you can help. Below are some channels through which you can send your support. Feel free to contact the parties below should your have any questions.

The Philippine Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross has rescue and relief teams on the devastated areas. Pick their Typhoon Yolanda campaign and donate.

The Salvation Army

Donate and help the the Salvation Army in answering to the needs of the survivors.


You may donate through CARE by following this link

The United Nations World Food Program

Help the families of typhoon survivors by sending your donations through the UN-WFP by following this link.

Habitat for Humanity

“Habitat for Humanity is on the ground helping those in need, and will remain there to help them rebuild. Your help is urgently needed so we can be there whenever disasters strike and wherever people need shelter anywhere in the world.”

Follow this link to send your donations.

Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kailinga is a Philippine non-government organization that has been giving hope and helping local communities for almost a decade. You may send your donations throught this link.

Save the Children

Save the children is mounting efforts to help children and families affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam. You may donate through this link.

These are only some of the organizations that could use our help so that they in turn may render assistance to the survivors. More can be found on this page.

In the wake of this very recent tragedy, there is hope. Ignite that hope and share the love.

written by jillytanrad on 2013-11-12 #news #yolanda #typhoon-haiyan #yolandaph #philippines


  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Glad you brought this up. My Brother lives in Layte, and has told me of the devestation from his first hand experience. We give to UMCOR which is always one of the first organizations aiding at a disastor.

  2. lupideeloop
    lupideeloop ·

    It's hard to see this devastation. It hurts, but it helps to open our eyes in order to support the victims.

  3. jillytanrad
    jillytanrad ·

    @bsdunek I hope your brother is coping, doing better.

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