Monday Moodboard: Little Helping Hands


In view of the recent disaster that hit the Philippines, it’s a sight for sore eyes to see people actually doing something to help people in need. This photo just made me believe that people really can be compassionate.

This will be a break from the usual things I write for Lomography. And also a big thank you to these little girls.

Even if it looks trivial for some, for me, it speaks volumes. These two young girls are doing what they can to help people they wouldn’t even know and maybe have only even heard about in the news. Super typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines hard and its people. Each act of kindness is very much appreciated and this photo couldn’t have made a better entrance.

Image via Photobucket

I just saw this picture and the people here at the Lomography office in Manila are just plain touched by the thought behind it. The reality is that situations in places like Tacloban and other parts of Leyte and Samar are far from alright but there is still hope. You can’t buy spirit nor can you really destroy it and the thoughtfulness and innocence of children is proof of that.

Credits: walasiteodito, lightblue, lakandula & boredbone

I just hope that people affected will keep their heads up high and continue to march on. We can get back up on our feet. That’s just what we do. We have people who are still willing to help and go the extra mile.

written by cheeo on 2013-11-11 #news #philippines #typhoon #monday-moodboard-series

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