Final Trailer for the Upcoming Gondry Documentary ‘Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?’ Released


After seeing the entire trailer, one might find himself laughing in agreement and amusement with filmmaker Michel Gondry’s remark, “As you can see, I felt a bit stupid here”!

Video via Michel Gondry’s website

The comment came after Gondry’s subject, renowned American linguist and activist Noam Chomsky, gave a complex response to the question, “How do we identify something as a tree?” in the opening sequence of the one minute, 25 second-long trailer for Gondry’s upcoming animated documentary, “Is the Man who is Tall Happy?” The trailer showcases whimsical and colorful animations accompanying Chomsky’s thought-provoking ideas on the emergence of language.

Chomsky, for those who haven’t heard of him before, is touted as the “father of modern linguistics” who’s also active in the fields of psychology, philosophy, politics, and ethics. Or, as Gondry had best summarized it, he is “one of the greatest minds of our time.”

A few screenshots from the trailer.

The illustrations for “Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?” were all drawn by Gondry himself and shot using the Bolex 16mm, an animation camera. The French filmmaker recorded mostly sound from his conversations with Chomsky, only capturing them on video on “a few occasions.”

“Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?” is set to have its world premiere on November 21 at the DOC NYC 2013. It will then open the following day in select theaters and will also be available for download via iTunes beginning November 25.

All information in this article were sourced from Indiewire.

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