My First Results With the Lensbaby on my LC-A+ Mount


Recently I built for my LC-A + a holder for different lenses. Here I show you now my first results with it.

In my recently written article DIY lens holder for Lomo LC-A +, I showed you how I built a mount for the LC-A + to help you attach different kinds of lenses. For that mod, I bought the Lensbaby Accessory Kit and used it to take these pictures. I was most interested in the wide-angle lens and tried them immediately.

Of course, the lenses work differently than with a SLR camera. It almost gives an impression of seeing the world through a fisheye lens with the wide angles. I’m quite pleased with my first results.

Here are some of my results:

I love the way that parts of the photo get blurred as they distort into a fisheye effect. Also, I still got quite interesting results even though the lens was intended for SLR use. I’d say it’s a good combo to use if you’re looking to experiment a bit.

written by lenaschneider on 2013-12-26 #gear #diy #wide-angle #review #wide-angle-lens #lensbaby #lc-a #result #objektiv #tinker #lens-ring #changing-lenses
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