Giving a Human Face to the Superhero: Oil Paintings by Andreas Englund


We all know the popular images of superheroes and the feats they’re known for but artist Andreas Englund spins off the superhero persona in the most ordinary but eye catching ways. Englund’s painting of a superhero in the ordinary days of life outside of crime busting and daily heroics is a must see. See his paintings of a superhero getting by the daily grind after the jump.

Popular culture and the latest Hollywood superhero flicks are all the buzz these days. Who wouldn’t want to see the superhuman greats doing the most amazing feats of heroics and the dazzling effects that come with it? I certainly would but this take on the day-in-the-life of a superhero is just all too interesting to pass up.

Paintings by Andreas Englund

Artist Andreas Englund paints a picture of a superhero in his not-too-glorious persona in oil and canvass. The Swedish artist illustrates the day-to-day life of an ageing superhero ranging from the sublime to the plain mundane. The acts are really far from perfect but it lets viewers see the humanity of the man behind the mask. It is a stark reminder that even people who have the biggest of responsibilities do have chores to do and the quirks of ordinary citizens.

Predictability is what Englund veers away from. The common superhero archetype is avoided and the superhero behind the silver screen is humanized and given a fairly regular portrayal. This uncensored take on the superhero image is far from the usual, proving to be quite more interesting than the perfect image of a hero.

You can see more of Englund’s works and the full superhero series on his site.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Juxtapoz and Andreas Englund’s site.

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