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If you think shooting with color negatives is boring, think again! Lomography’s LomoChrome Purple lets you explore the color spectrum like you never have before with its crazy color shifts. Don’t get caught with your pants down as each LomoChrome batch is limited. In the unlikely event that you still need to be convinced, we’ve got the Purple one for this Reviews on Rewind!

Purple and Fisheye: The First Test! by bellatrice

Deep Purple Results with My LomoChrome XR review! by marcosxfx

There’s more purple than meets the eye! Don’t just settle with a small print, it won’t just show the beauty of your work… LomoChrome Purple is a joy to use! I loved it from frame 1 to 36 but I first recommend to give a try with a single roll.

Loco Lomochrome! by lomoseb32

I finally got the roll developed and printed just today, and my mind imploded in on itself and created a black hole sucking all the colour right through my eyeballs! All these purples, pinks and blues! It looks like what someone would see on way too many psychedelic drugs! I was blown away completely by the results!

Credits: shoujoai

LomoChrome Purple - C41 and E6 by shoujoai

Although I had to work during the week, I was thrilled to have chance to try the Lomochrome Purple further… The film was set to ISO 200, and when I saw the pictures, I decided that this must be the optimum setting. I love the colors!

Credits: lislisdotnet

Lomochrome Purple 400: The Purples and Pinks of the Sun and Shade by lislisdotnet

The purples and pinks reminded me a bit of Lomography Tungsten , especially if overexposed with nothing to contrast the purple/pink with. Though the differences with how the colors affect the highlights and shadows is clear. Lomography Tungsten is not same as Lomochrome Purple.

Credits: jaybees80

LomoChrome Purple: The Future of Analogue Film by jaybees80

In contrast, the Lomochrome Purple is innovative because it is an improvement of Aerochrome. It is easier to use because it requires no special filters or specific shooting conditions other than shooting in ISO settings between 100 to 400

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