Painting-Like Film Photos of Everyday Food Items by Shoshannah White


Film photographers and analogue enthusiasts are no strangers to the unique and dreamy retro look that film offers, but a mixed media artist has applied an additional touch to make her printed photos look extra dreamy and delicate. Read on to find out more!

For her photography series, called Basic Ingredients, Shoshannah White makes us see some of the most common ingredients and everyday food items in a different light. After taking photos of her food subjects using a film camera, the Maine-based mixed media artist proceeds to scanning, retouching, and printing them. For the finishing touch, she paints a layer of hot, molten wax over the prints. The results are the dreamy, glowing pieces you can see below:

To accompany her collection, Brooklyn-based writer Sarah Goodyear wrote a poem entitled “Recipe:”

If you would keep your beloved, you must feed her.
Sugar, yes, that melts on the tongue and leaves desire behind.
The flesh of every fruit that grows.
Soft slices of cheese with rind that blooms in the dark.
And salt, of course. Salt.
Which flavors all, and holds back the decay that still one day must come.
If you would keep your beloved, feed her thus.

All information for this article were sourced from Feature Shoot and Shoshannah White's Website.

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