An Interview with Georgian Photographer Mariam Sitchinava

2013-11-08 2

Get to know more about the work and thoughts of the young and talented Mariam Sitchinava!

Last month, we did a short feature on Sitchinava’s work. A fashion and film photographer based in Tbilisi, Sitchinava’s work is dominated by delicate, beautifully-composed photographs of women. We’ve finally been able to get in touch with her, and below are her responses to our e-mail interview!

When did you start with photography and what were your first impressions about it?

I started shooting three years ago when I received a Soviet film camera as a gift. With my first few rolls I found myself very engaged and I felt there was something big that I was going to discover.

How would you describe your photographic style? What inspires you? Why do you choose to shoot film?

It’s a bit hard to say. Like feminine, aesthetic, a little bit romantic… My inspiration can be anything and can come anytime. I live the feel and mood that film creates; it’s unique, very colorful, and deep.

We’ve noticed that you feature mostly women in your work. What is it about them that inspire you?

The aesthetic beauty and charm of women often inspire me, and it’s one of the best ways I can express my feelings.

Have you ever had any experience shooting with Lomography cameras? If so, kindly share your story with us!

Actually, my first camera was a Holga CFN 120. It’s very fun and beautiful. I love the colors and light leaks.

What are the cameras that you use? What’s your favorite, if any, and why?

Mostly, I use Soviet cameras and a 70s Canon. My favorite is a Soviet camera, maybe because of its special vintage feel.

Are there any photographers and/or artists that you look up to? Who are they and why?

Currently, I’ve discovered the works of Mona Kuhn and her photos are really great. I love her style, colors, etc.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done so far? Any interesting and memorable story? Please tell us about it!

It’s hard to say. There are my favorite old photo shoots but more and more I like my new projects. They are full of stories, memorable moments, and adventures.

What has been keeping you busy these days? Any ongoing/upcoming projects that you’d like to share with us? Exhibitions you’d like to promote?

I’m now working on my personal project and discussing the possibility of publishing a book. I’ll announce any news on my website and Facebook page.

Any advice that you could give to aspiring photographers?

Be creative and try to express yourself at its best.

Any last words?

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All photos in this feature were taken from Mariam Sitchinava’s Flickr photostream. You may also view her online portfolio on her website.

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    she's not on lomography?

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    @eriberry Hi there, I believe Mariam isn't on Lomography.

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