Growing, Living Metropolis: Folding Urban Landscape Sculptures by Alexander Becherer


Imagination and good vision are great tools for creation. Artist Alexander Becherer draws inspiration from the world’s megacities and uses those tool to transform different materials into looping, melding and out of this world miniature city sculptures with super imposed words and statements. See more of his work after the jump.

The world continues to change day by day as industrialization takes place. The massively transforming landscape of past soil, wood and water are turning into urban scenery in the form of sky rise buildings and mega factories. Sculptor and artist Alexander Becherer explores this idea with his surrealistic sculptures depicting an ever changing modern world.

Sculptures by Alexander Becherer via Juxtapoz

Using his different understanding of the urban transformation, Becherer transforms wood, cement, spray paint among others into statements and images that help describe this seemingly growing and living transformation of the world. His works are reminiscent of the iconic scene in the movie “Inception” wherein the world folds upon itself in an intricate puzzle of visual elements with an urban context. Becherer used symbols and words to address the prediction of a global population that would soon be living mostly in cities by the time the year 2030 comes.

You can see more of his sculptures and read on his idea on his work here and here.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Juxtapoz and Alexander Becherer’s site

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