The Oktoberfest as Seen From the Perspective of a Waiter

2013-11-08 1

Some of you probably have been to the Oktoberfest in Munich. I have been there everyday for at least 12 hours. So today I will give you a little insight. I am sorry that the sight is a little bit blurry and not tack sharp sometimes, but I guess that is how the Oktoberfest is….

The pictures I would like to show you here show more or less a complete Oktoberfest from way before the first beer is served till the very end. 2013 was already my third time walking there (I started at age 18 haha), but for my first one I had a camera with me.

I used an Olympus XA that I bought a week before in a flea-market. And the XA was the perfect camera for the job, although 400 speed film would have been better.

This is how the sieht Theresienwiese looks like 2 days before the official start. Everybody working there has to come on this Thursday, because of all the paperwork and stuff that is to be done. But at least we all got something to eat afterwards.

Credits: jw77

Then on Saturday at 12:00 is the official beginning. And as time always flies, the 16 days are over really fast. And afterwards you always feel like you time traveled, because you just work the whole day and half of the night without hearing or reading any news.

Credits: jw77

After the first few days, signs of fatigue begin to show up and everybody falls ill at least once. You eat huge amounts of sweets, but I still lose some pounds everytime. Altogether everything is working better and better as time goes by, because you can remember the prices (9,80€ for a liter beer haha) better and better and of course you get to know a whole lot of people from all over the world.

Credits: jw77

This pic shows how it usually looks outside of the tents. Oh and the second picture shows how to carry 14 Maß beer properly through the tent on the left.

Credits: jw77

And then before you know it, the Wiesn is over for this year again. Can you spot the differences compared to the first pictures?

Credits: jw77

But after one Oktoberfest is before the next one^^
I hope I could give You a little insight into what we do there. If any questions are left, just ask in the comments!!

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translated by jw77

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  1. photobarbie
    photobarbie ·

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. It sounds exciting and exhausting at the same time!

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