On Being a Woman Photographer


Woman photographers have a lot to deal with. National Geographic’s Maggie Steber and Lynn Johnson dish the disadvantages and the advantages of the fairer sex as far as photography is concerned!

“War Letters,” 2005. Photograph by Maggie Steber

Let’s face it. Sexism exists. It exists in school, in the workplace, and in this case, photography as well. National Geographic photographers Maggie Steber and Lynn Johnson tackle this touchy subject on a recent article on Proof. Both women tell tales of not being taken seriously, of men being patronizing, and even being ignored. On the flip side though, they also have stories on how being a woman worked to their advantage while on the field.

Both photographers offer great insight and incredible detail on working in the field and how the years and progress have changed as far as women’s lib goes. Read the whole article on Proof.

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