Fishing With a Camera


Photography is all about finding new sources of inspiration and pushing boundaries. Courtney Johnson’s series “Light Lure” is a perfect mixture of both. Take a look!

Photo by Courtney Johnson

I think at this point, almost all Lomographers have made at one point in their lives a DIY pinhole. It’s a rite of passage of sorts into the analogue world, as it is photography at its most simple form. A question that follows though, is one of trying to create something out of these DIY pinholes! Are they relegated to test ones? Do you shot one roll then throw it away?

Photographer Courtney Johnson made a pinhole herself but got a stroke of genius in what to do with it. Why not dunk it in the ocean blue? Well, not exactly deep sea. More of 15-20 feet at a time. She fashioned a pinhole camera using a metal cookie tin, a pineapple can, waterproof putty and rustproof paint.A 4×5 negative was put inside, then chucked into the water. As the camera sank, the shutter lifted up, and she had the film exposed for 30 minutes or so. Here are some of the results! You can view the full set on her website

Quite something, huh? Let’s try it out one of these days!

Photos by Courtney Johnson

Information for this article was sourced from NPR and Courtney Johnson

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