Distorted Abstract Images from Burnt Film by Peter Hoffman

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A Chicago-based photographer raises a question about man’s connection with his natural resources through a series of distorted images made by burning exposed film. Learn more about his extreme film destroying methods for this series after the jump!

Driven by the theme of “water and oil,” Chicago photographer Peter Hoffman started a photo series called Fox River Derivatives in response to the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. For this project, Hoffman took medium format photos along the Fox River then utilized a method that may be deemed extreme even by our film-destroying fellow lomographers: he coated the negatives with gasoline then set them on fire for some seconds before dousing them with water.

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Why such an intense method — something which he himself described as a trial and error process but mostly error — for this project? Hoffman explains to Feature Shoot, “I wanted to transfer that feeling I had, which was maybe something like a sense of powerlessness or dread, to the image making process. I wanted to lose control, having the resulting work border on ceasing to exist in any recognizable form.”

The Fox River Derivatives series is also one of the works featured in the Catherine Edelman Gallery's Chicago Project.

What do you think of Peter Hoffman’s distorted, scorched photographs? Share your insights with us and leave a comment below!

All information for this article were sourced from Junk Culture and Feature Shoot.

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