Where do you have film developed? Share the lab love!


Pressing the shutter to consume that last exposure on your roll of film is a wonderful moment. It means that finally, you can have that roll processed and see those pictures at long last.

Credits: marcus_loves_film

Some of us go the extra mile to develop film in our own respective dark rooms but there are also those who are comfortable with the convenience and expert assurance of having film processed in a photo lab. Sadly, we don’t have as many processing labs as we did decades ago, even as our love for film goes on. So please, share the love by sharing juicy details about your favorite lab with the rest of the community.

If your film processing lab isn’t part of this list yet, please *provide as much information as you can through this link.* Don’t forget to input the address, tag it on the map, and the tell us what merchandise and services they provide ( do they scan? how’s the quality?). Give us your two cents on why you have your rolls developed in that lab.

We will be giving away five (5) piggies for each new entry we publish but more importantly you’ll be sharing valuable info with your fellow lomographers. How’s that for a treat?

written by jillytanrad on 2013-11-07 #news #photo-lab #lab

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