Photos on Stacks of Paper by Aleksandra Domanovic


First glance at these stacks of paper may solicit reactions of waste and blotted ink on paper but a closer look tells otherwise. See the detail of Aleksandra Domanovic’s stacked paper art after the jump.

These seemingly bleeding marks on tall stacks of A3 and A4 paper may look like trivial and accidental but they are meant to look that way. Artist Aleksandra Domanovic uses her sculptures as a hark back to the historic past of her native (former) Yugoslavia. Closer inspection of her works includes images and scenes bleeding on the sides of the stacks of paper.

19:30 by Aleksandra Domanovic via Beautiful Decay

Experimentation of Domanovic in this medium was originally open-sourced so that anyone could have tried making it for themselves. Titled “19:30”, Domanovic set the printer setting to “borderless printing” and printed the massive PDF file of a photo on 1500 empty pages. The pages of paper were then stacked onto each other to form the delicate images of blotted ink. This seemingly random blotting of ink reveals the images inside of them.

Domanovic’s intricate and detailed process is a new take on exploring different medium for art and sculptures.

All information used in this article were sourced from Beautiful Decay, Juxtapoz.

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