Meet our new Lomo Amigo, Snowborder and Photographer Darrell Mathes.


The holidays are getting closer and our newest LomoAmigo, Darrell Mathes, is all geared up for his next photo shoot, all set to capture the gorgeous scenery on snow-covered mountains!

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Darrell Mathes is not only a professional snowboarder but also a photographer. He usually shoots with his Land 180, Leica M6 and 6D cameras, but for his next trip into the wild, we partnered him with the classic Diana F+. So while he’s out there braving the slopes and taking new photos, we’re here to share some of his previous shots with you.

We’ll be hosting Darrel’s photos at our NYC Gallery Store all month long. Drop by and see the exhibit!

41 West 8th Street
New York, NY 10011

Shop Hours
Monday- Saturday 11:00 am- 8:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 7:00pm

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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