Metropolisson: The Paris Metro Made Punny and Witty by Janol Apin

2013-11-06 2

While many of us probably just take ordinary-looking shots of our city’s train stations, Janol Apin has been taking rather creative and amusing photos of the French capital’s busy metro system. Armed with wit and helped by some costumed friends, the photographer takes us to a hilarious trip around Paris Metro stations with his photos!

Since Paris certainly has some of the most photographed streets and alleys in the world, how does one make his or her city snaps of the French capital unique and eye-catching? With a dash of wit, plenty of sense of humor, and a little bit of help from friends, who knows, you might come up with an idea as awesome as Metropolisson by Janol Apin.

Playing around with the names of the Paris Metro stations, Apin makes use of riddles, puns, and witticisms which are carried out by his costumed companions. Of course, he completes the work by photographing them. Some of the puns and riddles may be difficult to decipher for non-French and non-Parisians, but there are some fairly easy ones:

Photos by Janol Apin

So, did Janol Apin’s photography project made you smile and snicker as you flipped through each snap? View the rest of the photos in the series so far and challenge yourself to decipher some more of the puns and witticisms!

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  1. avola
    avola ·

    thank you for showing tbis photographer, great idea and mise en scene!

  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    @avola you're welcome! Glad to know you liked his work too!

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