Photo of the Day by gocchin


Now hold on—-how many roads are there in this picture? Our Photo of the Day sure is an imaginative and different take on the term “crossroads.”

Credits: gocchin

This double exposed image is the offspring of a Kodak E100VS film swap between ultra-talented community members gocchin and hodachrome. Gocchin took a photo with a Lomo LC-A+ in Honk Kong and hodachrome shot his part of the bargain in Japan. You can find more of this dynamic duo’s combo shots in the album *Miracle Filmswap- Hodachrome and gocchin.* Brace yourself. The photos are astounding.

Congratulations to *gocchin* on his impressive shot that made it as our Photo of the Day.

written by jillytanrad on 2013-11-08 #news #potd #gocchin #hodachrome #kodak-film-lca

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