Intricate and Delicate Human Organs Formed Using Wild Plants and Weeds by Camila Carlow


While finding creative inspiration in the human anatomy may not be entirely new, it’s what artists are making to interpret the human body that is truly fascinating. Take, for example, the beautiful and delicate sculptures of human organs made by a UK-based artist using various parts of wild plants.

If you found the anatomical artworks of Dan Beckemeyer and Lisa Nilsson impressive, we’re sure you’ll also like the delicate sculptures made and photographed by Camila Carlow.

For her body of work called “Eye ‘Heart’ Spleen,” the UK-based artist foraged some parts of wild plants and weeds around Bristol and assembled them into delicate sculptures resembling human organs. She had to do this early in the day to make sure that they are photographed in the best possible light, while they still haven’t wilted.

On her beautiful yet fragile creations, Carlow says her work “invites the viewer to regard our vital structures as beautiful living organisms, and to contemplate the miraculous work taking place inside our bodies, even in this very moment.”

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Camila Carlow's Website and Junk Culture.

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