Anniversary Memories: Jenna/Kristen Friend-versary


One of my favorite anniversaries is the anniversary of me and my BFF’s friendship.

On March 30, 2007 I met Kristen. I had moved to Phoenix a couple months earlier and didn’t have any friends yet, but Kristen and I were both getting married soon, and both wanted someone to work out with.

We bonded over our love of kids, rum and cokes, and running out to get spur of the moment tattoos together (some of which are much better than others thanks to the aforementioned rum and cokes). Eventually we both got into photography, both started shooting professionally, then fell in love with analog photography, especially instant cameras.

Every year, around the time of our friend-versary, we plan a grand and epic adventure. It involves getting on the lightrail in downtown Phoenix, rolling dice to determine where we go, then complete predetermined tasks where ever the dice tells us to get off — like asking the first person we see wearing a hat where the nearest park is then going there to climb trees and play; walking four blocks east from where ever we happen to be and taking pictures of the coolest architecture we find; and lots of trusting bartenders to bring us whatever fabulous drinks they think we would enjoy.

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