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We took a trip with the community’s favourite Locations yesterday, now how about the LomoStaff’s picks? Check out another serving of luscious locations you might have missed out on!

It’s hard to pick just one LomoLocation to claim as a favourite. After all, there are so many amazing, intriguing, and exciting places all over the world! Wherever you go, you’ll always find a charm or quirk that makes a place unique and charming to both locals and tourists alike.

We asked 10 Lomographers (from the Lomography staff and the community) to share with us their favourite LomoLocations. In this installment, we’ll visit some of the staff favourites you might have missed out on!

LomoStaff Favourites

Manila Chinatown: The World's Oldest | by eazy360

Favourite LomoLocation by kazarareta (International Web) – I went to Ongpin (Manila’s Chinatown) once during a field trip in College. I love the entire feel of the place as if you’re transported to another country and cultural setting. The food was top-notch, as there are a TON of restaurants and mini food stalls that offer authentic Chinese food at very, very cheap prices. You could have a full meal for as low as $1 at Ongpin!

Los Uros, Kamisaraki - People from Lake Titicaca | by saidseni

Favourite LomoLocation by plainjane (Vienna) – This is one of my favorite LomoLocations. Not only are the shots warm and amazing but the travel information is so personal. I imagine my self clear as day waiting to meeting Silverio at the train station brimming with excitement to reach the “Kamisaraki Inn”. Truly, I must get my LOMO LC-A+ and I over to Pure. Maybe I can let everyone know how Silverio and his son are doing.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia | by fangcarpenter

Favourite LomoLocation by tattso (Lomography Hong Kong) – This is one of the most beautifully crafted temple in the world, there’s a mythical aura around it. The serenity of the place is haunting me ever since. It’s hard not to be dwarfed when standing in front of this gigantic structure. I read the architectral style of the temple was first influenced by the Indian architects who were influenced by the Greeks, in result the Angkor Wat is a great mix of western and eastern architectural style. Perfect place for a Lomographer!

The Blagoveschenskaya Village | by life_on_mars

Favourite LomoLocation by Fookshit (International Web) – This one always comes to mind for a simple reason – 360 days of sun. I always thought of Russia as a very grey place, not until I saw this location report by life_on_mars. And what I really like about this is that, it doesn’t have those predictable tourist photos of his travel, but it’s more of his personal experience which looks so fun and I must admit, it’s an effective invitation for visiting this place!

Tokyo Tower | by shooooter

Favourite LomoLocation by takuji (Lomography Japan) – As a tourist spot, Tokyo Tower is one of the most famous places to visit in Japan. Do you know that we are building the second one in Tokyo and it’s huge! Let’s visit the first one before it’s gone!

How about you? What’s your LomoLocation pick? Browse the LomoLocations now and discover a soon-to-be fave! When you make it there, don't forget to tell us about it!

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