Create your own Frankencamera with The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit!


Love the size and portability of your micro 4/3 camera? Like shooting multiple exposures but you find film too expensive? Well, wait no longer! This kit does it all!

Credits: rpeterthomas

I’m a HUGE fan of multiple exposure and creative photography, so you can imagine my excitement when The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit was announced.

First things first. The item came in fantastic packaging as I’ve come to expect from those lovely people in Vienna. As I eagerly opened the packaging to inspect my not one or two,but THREE fantastic lenses I was surprised to find a little pack of filters that fit into the back of the lenses (seriously Lomography, you are so good to me.)

I played with the lenses a little in the car. And boy, did I fall in love. The little quirks of these lenses are what really make them special. The 24mm standard lens is fantastic for portraits and even on video with its sharp focus and ability to coat the sensor with color. Seriously, it made me drool a little!

The 12mm wide-angle lens is a force to be reckoned with. It’s wide enough to distort lines while still keeping the center of the image nice and clear – great for freaky portraits.

My favorite lens so far though is the *160° Fisheye lens." Seriously, it’s just amazing! It creates a near perfect circle on your image and distorts your subject. It’s just awesome, okay!?

Credits: rpeterthomas

The leaf shutters that are built into the lenses are a really nice feature. By putting your camera on bulb mode and using the lens shutter you can create amazing multiple exposures. I think this kit was what? £79? Get it now before they realize it’s worth so much more!

written by rpeterthomas on 2014-02-11 #gear #review #digital #multiple-exposure #double-exposure #fisheye #micro-4-3 #4-3 #42mm

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